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Start Your Patients with a Program that Really Works
Pelvic muscle exercises (PME), a/k/a Kegel exercises, are the first-line treatment for mild-to-moderate stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and are commonly used for preand post-partum pelvic rehabilitation. Many patients are not successful with PMEs based solely on verbal instruction, however, due to an inability to identify the correct pelvic muscles.

StepFree provides a sensory aid that helps to isolate the correct muscles. StepFree also provides a structured, easy-to-follow exercise program with objective measures of progress, all of which can significantly increase patient compliance and therefore the effectiveness of PMEs.

Improves bladder control for many women in 4-6 weeks

Saves teaching time - Helps women isolate pelvic floor muscle group

Simple home-based program with step-by-step instructions

Training uses typical stress episodes, such as coughing, to build both muscles and confidence

Device shape is designed for easy insertion /removal, patient comfort and optimum results
Graduated weights provide objective benchmarks of progress, encouraging compliance


Includes one cone shell with five graduated weights (20-70 grams) and program book

U. S. Patent Nos. 5,554,092 and 6,068,581 and related international patents.