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Electrotherapy of erectile Dysfunction

Electro stimulation is new therapy form for Erectile Dysfunction, the inability to achieve and maintain the full erection.
Venous leakage is a relatively common cause of Erectile Dysfunction.
Although the arterial inflow of blood into the cavernosal bodies is adequate, blood leaks out simultaneously due to a damaged veno-corporo-occlusive mechanism that is caused by the insufficient venous occlusion of the cavernosal smooth muscle.
By applying electro stimulation with appropriate stimulation parameters the insufficiency of the cavernosal smooth muscle can be treated. The muscle will be strengthened and the resulting increase of muscular mass and physical strength can lead to an improvement of the functioning of the venous occlusion mechanism and enable the required filling of the corpus cavernosal bodies with blood.
The strengthening of the muscle is usually achieved within 90 days by applying regular stimulations. The stimulation itself causes no erection.

How does erec-fit® function?

Erec-fit® is a stimulation system, consisting of the pulse generator, the erec-fit® stimulator and two monopolar, self – adhesive electrodes. The system generates pulses of distinct sizes, forms and frequencies that are applied through the erec-fit® electrodes.
The pre- lubricated erec-fit® electrodes are circularly placed on the penis and the current will be transferred to the inner muscular system.
The size of the electrodes is 15 x 150 mm. The electrodes are designed for multiple uses.
The stimulator is a small hand – held device. The patient determines the level of current based on subjective perception until the maximum tolerance level is reached.

How the electro stimulation is performed?

During the first 90 days, a daily treatment is necessary to restore the potency. The stimulation time should last for 20 minutes.
Experience shows, that after 4-6 weeks an improvement becomes apparent. Following a three-month therapy, only one stimulation per week is sufficient to sustain the improved the potency.
The stimulation is carried out at a frequency of 30 Hz and a contraction time of three seconds. If, at the beginning of the stimulation, sore muscle systems (increased lactate levels) are observed, it is recommended to lengthen the duration of the contraction. Based on the constant pulse / pause ratio of 1:2, the increased duration reduces the number of contractions per time unit. The effective stimulation time should remain unchanged.

Which stimulation parameters are necessary?

The electro stimulation with erec-fit® is an effective and cost effective therapy which can be applied without any side effects.
The following parameters are selected to ensure a successful therapy:
Pulse current:  120mA
Frequency:  30 Hz
Stimulation:  cyclically
Pulse/Pause Ratio:  1 : 2
Contraction time:  3 seconds
Stimulation time:  0 minutes
Duration of treatment:  90 days
The use of higher frequencies is not appropriate, as with the caused fatique of the muscular activity, the contractility of the muscular system will be reduced.
Improvement of the symptoms can therefore not be achieved.


Impotence disorder caused by venous-occlusive dysfunction (VOD)
Ejaculatio praecox


          Kind of current:  swelling current
Modulation: adjustable increase 0,7 sec.
Frequency: program controlled 10 Hz to 40 Hz
Pulse form: triangle, DC free
Contraction: 2 – 5 sec., adjustable
Pause: constant, double contraction time
Power: programmed at 120 mA at 1 K Ohm
Supply: 9 Volt NC rechargeable battery
Dimension in mm:  L: 125 – W: 75 – H: 33
Weight: 240 gr. including rechargeable battery
Certification: CE 0124

                           Design: electrodes, self adhesive
Poles: pre-lubricated, anti-allergic, monopolar
          Size in mm: L: 150 – W: 15

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